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New owner to JABA Group
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New owner to JABA Group
Recawi Holding AB Pressrelease Högsäter / Halmstad December 2016 Recawi Holding AB in Halmstad acquires 90,1% of JABA Group AB in Högsäter. After JABA Group AB has been in the Quartet Einari Johansson, Göran Andersson, Håkan By and Magnus Arkholms possession since 2002, it is now official that Recawi Holding AB and Magnus Arkholm has the privilege to develop the company into the future. Recawi is a safe and stable company with its registered office in Halmstad. The company owns National Gummi AB, National Plast AB and DX Plastic AB and the acquisition of JABA Group will strengthen the groups range to existing and potential customers further. Recawi intends to develop JABA Group through increased resources in marketing and by taking advantage of the resulting synergies with existing contacts. The attitude of the new owner family is in many areas very similar to that which characterized the JABA Group AB, which will ensure a continued high level of service and quality in the future. - We are very excited about the acquisition and feel well prepared to take over responsibility for the companys continued development and success, says Claes Rössel at Recawi Holding. JABA Group AB is a company specialized in the molding of textile, mineral, polyester fibers and works as a subcontractor for customer-specific solutions. Customers are mainly in the areas of automotive and furniture industries. The company has in recent years expanded and improved its position in the respective areas from both a national and international perspective. Recawis other subsidiaries National Gummi AB National Rubber mixes, extrudes and processes rubber profiles, and also manufactures punched, water-cut articles in both soft and hard materials. Examples of articles are sound absorbers and specially cut foam rubber strips. Principal customers are the automotive industry and the construction industry across Europe. The company is located in Trönninge, Halmstad. DX Plastic AB DX Plastic specializes in the extrusion of plastic. The largest customers are in the industrial and medical areas. The company is located in Bredaryd and was acquired in January 2014 by RECAWI Holding AB. National Plast National Plastic injection molds most technical engineering plastics. The largest customers are in the industrial and automotive sector. The company is located in Trönninge, Halmstad. For JABA Groups customers and suppliers this change in ownership does not cause changes in the organization since the entire workforce will remain in the company, thus ensuring a continued positive development of business in the companys premises in Högsäter. Further information can be obtained from: JABA Group AB: Einari Johansson 0528 198 08, www.jabagroup.se Recawi Holding AB: Claes Rössel 035 18 28 08, www.national-gummi.se

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